Sonisphere Spain Report

I’m officially back from October File’s pair of shows at Sonisphere Spain.

It’s been a rather surreal experience playing mainstage in venues that are very different to anything I’ve encountered before: Madrid’s Auditorio Miguel Rios is a full-blown amphitheatre and Barcelona’s Parc Del Forum is not only right by the sea but also attached to a watersport arena from the Olympics.

Madrid saw some technical issues at the start of the set (with fantastic emergency assistance provided by Newsted’s technicians) but Barcelona went off without a hitch and was met with a great response.

These shows were also the first proper test for my Shaw 5B sticks and they’ve proven themselves to be very durable (I used the same pair for both shows with no issues), able to handle considerable temperature changes and handle with a very nice balance – they’re available over at the Music Shipping Company.

There’s some great photos already up online and the first fan video has already appeared on YouTube.

A view from the very top of the Auditoria Miguel Rios as Iron Maiden’s stage was being built the night before the show.

Sonisphere 2013 075

All set up in the sun, ready to be wheeled onto the stage (Madrid)

Sonisphere 2013 085  Sonisphere 2013 088

…and again in Barcelona.

Sonisphere 2013 108

Facing the stage from the Sound Desk (Barcelona)

OF Barcelona 2013

Looking out behind the Sound Desk (Barcelona)

OF Barcelona 2013 2

So I’m back to work on several sessions now with some additional October File shows that will be announced very soon.


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