Beyond The Chaos single released

So as of last night, the new Beyond The Chaos single is live on Bandcamp. It’s only £1 (or a higher donation if you wish) to download in any file format you’d like – I’d recommend the Apple Lossless format or full-size WAV if you plan to burn it a CD to retain the original punch and clarity.

Although I’ve already mentioned it in my last post, the track is the first piece to follow on from 2012’s “The Mariner” and once again features Liv Free on vocals. It was all recorded and mixed in March and I’m really happy with the end result.

All of the production / engineering work is my own and was all completed within my home studio from rough guide tracks right through to mixing and mastering.

If you like my drum parts or production work on this track, I am always available for drum sessions or remote production/mixing duties. I can be contacted via my website as always.