Endorsement Announcement: Murat Diril Cymbals

So this announcement has been a long time coming and is something I’ve been hinting at since an important meeting at the London Drum Show last October. I can now officially disclose that I’ve signed an endorsement agreement with Murat Diril Cymbals and have joined their family of artists!

Each cymbal is totally handmade from B22 Bronze on the coast of the Black Sea in Samsun, Turkey and I couldn’t be more proud to be incorporating them into my overall sound.

I’ll be heading into the studio and out on tour with the following “core setup”:

14″ Renaissance Hi-Hats

17″ and 18″ Renaissance Crashes

16″ and 18″ Renaissance Thin Chinas

10″ Renaissance Splash

20″ Black Sea Megabell Gold Ride

IMG_2452  IMG_2457

If you’re curious about what Murat’s cymbals can bring to your playing, head on over to www.muratdiril.com


An Interesting Email…

So this morning I discovered a rather interesting message in my inbox from a company I recently purchased some Shaw Stix from – as an endorsing artist I always go directly through The Music Shipping Company but at the time I was in dire need of more sticks in the run up to my recent session for EnkElination and MSC were closed for their end of summer holiday.

Now I don’t use Shaw sticks for any reason other than the fact that they’re absolutely perfect for me personally – they’re extremely durable, balance well and feel like a far better compliment to my playing than any other size or brand I’ve used previously. I’m not a convert through bribery, I’m a convert through experience.

This might all sound rather silly but I’ve used the exact same size sticks from other manufacturers and the overall feeling of a pair of Shaw 5B’s is much better and more comfortable for me. As far as I’m concerned I feel better and play better with a pair of their sticks than the others out there on the market.

So essentially, while I’m fortunate to purchase my sticks direct from the manufacturer at a discounted price, I’m still going to buy them at full price if I find I’m running low and can’t get them any other way.

I searched online and eventually found an alternative supplier (www.mydrumsticks.com) who carried the Shaw model I favour and had them in stock – delivery was nice and fast and the sticks arrived within a few days.

So I was quite surprised to find an email from them this morning informing me that they’d checked out some of my work and also inquiring as to whether I’d be ok with having both my name and Shaw Endorsee photo added to the listing for the 5B sticks.

I could hardly say no – all publicity is good publicity and I’m always keen to do my part to promote the companies I’m fortunate to be endorsed by.

So here it is: www.mydrumsticks.com/shawstix-hickory-model-5b-drumsticks—wood-tip-159-p.asp

A Special Live Announcement

Around 2 weeks ago I received word that some close friends were going to have to pull their biggest booking of the year, I was already booked for another show and had been hoping I’d at least have the opportunity to see them play with their new drummer – needless to say it was rather sad to hear that they weren’t going to be ready in time and were having to cancel on the event.

By sheer chance, my own booking was cancelled the following day which has allowed me to step in and cover the show.

So, on Saturday the 24th of August, I’ll be handling drums one last time for Sacrilegious Throne at Beermageddon. There’ll be a mix of known and new material for fans across what should be a pretty hefty set. The guys and I have already given it a test-run last night and will be refining it tomorrow evening.

Sacrilegious Throne’s set will start at 6:05.



On my departure from Sacrilegious Throne

If you follow Sacrilegious Throne on Facebook you’ll no doubt have seen the announcement of my leaving the group that was posted yesterday evening. It is entirely truthful, I am no longer a member of Sacrilegious Throne.

My reasons for leaving are personal but I would like to stress that they are not indicative of any interpersonal issues in the group – there’ve been no fights or feuds, just a personal realisation that the genre is not one I want to continue to work within.

There’s no ill-will or bad blood and I’m sure we’ll all remain good friends, it’s just  simply not for me anymore and if I can’t give something 100% then it’s not fair on everyone else involved to keep going through the motions.

I’ll miss seeing everyone at our weekly rehearsals and wish them the best of luck with their future releases and performances.

I’m certain the guys will find a fantastic replacement and will go on to record a cracking album.

If you’re interested in putting your own name forward to take over the drumming duties, drop the guys a message over on facebook.com/sacrilegiousthrone

Sacrilegious Throne – The Infernal Council download release

As of 8pm tonight,  Sacrilegious Throne’s “The Infernal Council” digital single will become available as a free download via the band’s Bandcamp page.

The track has previously only been available by request on Top Rock Radio but can now be downloaded by clicking on the Bandcamp icon on the ST Facebook page.

“The Infernal Council” is the first track released ahead of the forthcoming album that we’ve begun working on and was entirely recorded at my home studio. I’ve also handled production, mixing and mastering duties for the track.


December Update – News and more gear

So it’s been quite some time since I last updated my WordPress but things have been rather busy.

Firstly, I’ve moved house but I am still based in the Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire area.

Secondly, I’ve been working on a two track single with Sacrilegious Throne – as usual I’ve been handling the drum related side of things but this time around I’ve also been dealing with all the engineering and production – hopefully this will be complete very soon. Additionally the band have finally had their first photoshoot with the superb photographer Nicholas Dishington and make-up artist Liv Free and photos should be released shortly.

Next, October File have begun announcing live shows for January and February 2013 ahead of the album tracking sessions for our next record – links to these can be found on the October File Facebook page.

There have also been some additions to my kit/recording setup since October.

I now have a Pearl Free Floating Maple snare drum (14″x5″) added to my collection of snares and this is, of course, available for recording sessions. It offers a very articulate and crisp sound completely unrestricted by any hardware.

I’ve also added a set of Meinl 12″/14″ Benny Greb Trash Hats from their Generation-X series. These replace my Generation-X Filter China and offer a more percussive sound for timekeeping – much like a controlled but very adjustable cymbal stack.

I’ve no further news on my drum loop package, I’m still in talks with my web designer as to the best way to make them available for purchase.

I’ll be posting live dates for both bands along with some news on some of my recent sessions very soon.